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Cheryl Hawkes ~ West Shires Therapies
Complementary Therapist   FMAR MGHT
Phone:   07765908737
Location:  St Clears and Carmarthen - I am currently able to offer treatments in St Clears on a Monday or Wednesday and in Carmarthen on a Thursday

Therapies offered:

Reflexology - £45 -  1 hour -  please allow 1.5 hrs for the first appointment (no extra charge). I specialise in women's health - fertility / maternity and menopause; but am happy to see anyone for any health condition of course. 

Reflexology Lymph Drainage - this is a treatment on the feet which has proven benefits in  helping reduce lymphoedema issues - such as those that occur after breast surgery. 

Fertilitiy Reflexology - Reproflexology - For this treatment, which is preferaby for both partners who are trying to get pregnant, it is important to consider weekly treatments for at least three months.  I ask that women chart their basal body temperature every morning  using a basal body thermometer and use the Fertility Friend app to record the readings.  It is in this way that it ispossible to see how the hormones of the reproductive cycle are responding, not only to treatment, but also the life style changes that may well be necessary to help. 

Functional Facial - £40 - 1 hour    This is a treatment that is designed to be not only relaxing but excellent for rebalancing the body as a whole via a variety of techniques primarily on the fascial system of the head. It can be helpful for sinus, headaches, jaw issues as well as for general rebalancing and upliftment of the entire being. 

Indian Face Massage and Gua Sha - £40 - 1 hour.  This treatment is designed to relax and uplift the facial muscles to create better lymph drainage and toning of the muscles. Part of the treatment involves use of the jade Gua Sha tool, which is an ancient method of massage and contacting facial acupressure points.  I will also warm up some basalt stones to give warmth and comfort to aching neck and shoulder muscles. The treatment ends with a full head massage to leave you fully relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Ear Canding - £25 - 45 mins.  This treatment is properly known as Thermoauricular Therapy and is known for its ability to access the lymph system as it enters the inner ear, by warming and the properties of the ear candle entering the ear space as the candle is heated and burns down. Problems with excessive ear wax, some types of tinnitus, general ear aches and congestion and tension in the area can be relieved.


Treatment add-ons:   Ear Candling with Gua Sha facial massage £35 

Full luxury Ears, Head and Face - £55 - 2 hours  Ear Candling with Indian Face and Gua Sha Upliftment Massage and Head Massage to finish. Lie back, warm and cosy and fully relax from start to finish.

Tailormade -  I am more than happy to discuss any combination of the treatments I offer  - for example you may fancy a foot reflexology massage and a face/head massage - half an hour of each 

About me

I qualified in 1992 with a Distinction from the British School of Reflexology having trained with Ann Gillanders, one of Britain's pioneering Reflexologists of her time.   Since then I have gained 30 years of experience of this amazing therapy and was recognised as a Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists in 2014.   Since 1997 I have been a qualified tutor of Reflexology - starting out training students at the local colleges, before starting my own School in 2007 which evolved into the West Shires School of Complementary Health.   

Over the years I have gained qualifications in Indian Head Massage, Indian Face Massage, Ear Candling, Nutrition, Facial Massage & Skincare, Facial Gua Sha, and Reiki and further qualifications in Reflexology.   As all good professional therapist's should I have undertaken numerous Continuing Professional Development courses covering many aspects of health and care.  The most recent ones were Reflexology and Cancer Care and Reflexology  Lymph Drainage and I am on the national register of RLD therapists. 

My other me is as an artist and nature lover and I try to spend as much of my free time as possible painting or getting out into my garden with my chickens and beloved cats or walking in the beautiful countryside and beaches of West Wales where I draw inspiration for my art.  

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