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A New Dimension for the Therapeutic Relationship

a one day workshop with Gareth Davies

This workshop will be repeated - please contact us to register your interest

A one day workshop 10am - 5pm  

Venue:  Alliance Therapy Carmarthen, 24 King Street, Carmarthen SA31 1BS


This workshop introduces therapists to the concept of a 'mind and body' matrix.   It will teach you to become aware of the energy flows within yourself and within the client that you treat.


You will learn how to sense when energies and emotions are linked, where energies are blocked and how to use this in the therapeutic relationship.


The workshop will comprise a series of games and exercises to help you become aware of energy fields. It will then introduce practical palpitation exercises that assess the connective tissues in the physical body.


Finally it will show you how to combine these two methods of assessment so that you can begin to incorporate an energy dimension into your regular practice and develop your clinical intuitive skills.


If you have ever felt totally drained after giving a treatment and don't know why - this is the workshop for you. 


Course objectives:

  • Develop an awareness of your own energy field and flow

  • Develop an awareness of the energy fields of others

  • Experience how emotions change the energy field

  • Develop palpation skills to link connective tissue restrictions to energy blockages

  • Learn how to manage your own energy levels when working with client


TUTOR:   Gareth Davies


Cost of Workshop:   £70      (£20 deposit to book your place  -   Maximum of 8 places)   


Please email Gareth  to book your place on this workshop:                                

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