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I signed up for a course called 'Reflexology'

Not knowing what to expect, or what it involved.

The first weekend went in a blur

But being a determined Virgo, not enough to deter. 

Cheryll and Hannah full of knowledge

and I'm wondering am i in the right college.

Just as I thought I could see the light

along came Gareth and his fabulous Anatomy.

He certainly put my brain to the test..

could I possibly hold anymore information

on heart circulation!

100 hours of case studies, practical assessments and then an exam

But I can honestly say, its been the making of me.

Thank you Cheryll, Hannah, Gareth and all at West Shires School of Reflexology.

There's been highs and lows

But its been a blast

and long may these feelings last.

Thank you for everything....  Allison



I have really enjoyed the Reflexology course - it is very thorough, no stone left unturned. If you wish to receive a good education in reflexology cheryll and Hannah are fantastic and dedicated teachers - you'll not find better. 



A totally enjoyable and valuable experience. Taught by dedicated, informative and friendly tutors.  ... Amanda


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