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Reading Auras 

One Day Workshop by Maria Bowbanks

Date : Saturday 13th March

Time: 10am - 4pm

Cost: £50

Deposit: £20


What colour is your aura? 

An aura is a colour energy field that surrounds the planet and nearly everything in it.  The aura around the physical body is normally in the shape of an egg and radiates out about 2 to 3 feet when contracted and up to 50 feet when expanded.  When an aura is expanded it allows you to use your senses to either see, feel or hear the energy around you, be it environment or another person's moods.  An aura is made up of varying colours of energy that flow around the body; the colours vary according to the individual and each person's aura can have a different pulse and vibration. 

This oneday workshop is a practical workshop where you will be taught:

What is an aura?

What is an auric impression?

The different colours of an aura and their meanings

How to see, feel or hear auras for other people and your own aura

How to expand and contract your aura

Aura colour meditation

Colour can play a big part in the emotional status of a person.  The colours in one's aura can hold a key to what a person needs to balance their emotions, as well as their spirit wellbeing. 

For any further information or questions, please call or text

Maria Bowbanks

07824 389384

To book onto this workshop please click onto this button and download the booking form and pay the £20 deposit via BACS (details on the form) 



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