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Posture Assessment and Correction

a one day workshop with Gareth Davies....

Date:   5th December 2014    10am - 5pm

Venue:  Alliance Therapy Carmarthen, 24 King Street, Carmarthen  SA31 1BS

Cost £70 -  (£20 deposit secures your place   - max 8 places)


This workshop introduces therapists to the principles of posture analysis and the connective tissue techniques required to correct posture.  It will also include a section on body reading which links personality traits and beliefs with general posture and appearance. 


Many muscular-skeletal problems are caused by poor posture.  If you have treated clients with neck, shoulder, hip or knee problems that have improved during the treatment, but returned within a few days it is likely that there is an underlying postural problem. 


The workshop will comprise practical opportunites for postural assessment of yourself and others.  For each postural irregularity identified specific treatment techniques to relevant muscle fascia will be shown and practiced. 


The workshop will also include a review of a variety of different connective tissue techniques.


Workshop objectives:

  • Introduce the principles of body reading

  • Practical postural assessment techniques

  • Identification of specific postural irregularities

  • Review and practical application of a variety of connective tissue techniques

  • Practical application of connnective tissue techniques to correct identified irregularities


To book your place please email Gareth


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