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Anatomy and Physiology -

An understanding of Anatomy and Physiology is essential as the basis of all practical training courses in beauty and holistic therapy. The course covers all the Anatomy and Physiology required for the Level 2 and Level 3 National Occupational Standards (NOS) for beauty, nails and holistic therapy treatments.   19 modules covering all the systems of the body.                                                                                 CPD Points: 30

Price:   £198              

Aromatherapy oils.png
Aromatherapy Blending of Oils

This course provides you with a great deal of information about different essential oils and carrier oils so that you are qualified to create your own blends of aromatherapy oils. You can incorporate these aromatherapy oil blends in the treatments you currently offer. The theory is delivered online with clear diagrams and audio. Reception, consultation and aftercare guidance is covered as well as contra-indications to treatment. Photographs and diagrams ensure that this course is both engaging and informative to give you the confidence to perform an aromatherapy massage treatment.      Please note that you need to be a qualified Massage Therapist/Reflexologist/Indian Head Practitioner/other body work therapist to do this course and gain insurance from your current insurance provider.  We advise you to check this first.                                                                                                                                                CPD Points: 16                              

Price:   £174

  • Introduction, Reception and Consultation

  • A Background to Aromatherapy

  • The Olfactory and Limbic systems

  • Contra-indications Preventing Treatment

  • Contra-Indications Restricting Treatment

  • Contra-Actions

  • Oil Extraction Methods and Oil Storage

  • Oils​

  • Carrier Oils

  • Blending Essential Oils and Synergy

  • Preparation for Treatment

  • Aftercare


Introduction to Acupressure
Reception, Consultation and Preparation
Basic Principles of Acupressure
Eastern and Western Approaches to Health
The Five Elements Framework
Acupressure Techniques & Emergency Treatments
The Meridian Systems
Human Energy Fields
Common Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a technique that aims to reduce tension in muscles as well as improving blood circulation and promoting relaxation. Acupressure is performed using the fingers and palms pressing onto key points around the body. It is based on the concept of life energy that flows though meridians in the body. Illness can occur when there is an imbalance or blockage of energy within these channels therefore physical pressure can help to restore this energy balance. This course will cover the meridian system that exists in the body and the most common acupressure points and what they are effective for. You will also cover various acupressure techniques which can be used and even incorporated into a massage treatment. You will also be given tips on how to apply acupressure accurately.      CPD points: 30

Price:   £180

Crystal healing.png
Crystal Healing

This course covers useful techniques to professionally complete crystal healing treatments. This course can be completed entirely online. You will be taught about the healing properties of a wide range of crystals so that you can confidently recommend crystals to clients for use in their daily lives. You will also gain an understanding of which crystals would work well in the treatments you currently offer. Consultation and contra-indication guidance is covered in the theory of the course. Photographs and diagrams ensure this course is both engaging and informative to give you the confidence to perform Crystal healing treatments.  CPD Points: 10 

Price:   £114

  • Introduction, Reception and Consultation

  • Traditions, Benefits, Formation and Structure of Crystals

  • The Aura, the Chakras and the Meridian Energies

  • Choosing Your Crystals

  • Contra-Indications

  • Preparing for Treatment

  • Cleansing, Energising and Programming Crystals

  • Pendulums

  • Crystal Healing Routine

  • Aftercare

Health and Safety

This course contains all the relevant health and safety legislation and information which you will need to know when working in the beauty, nails and holistic industry. The GTi Health & Safety course includes valuable information regarding waste, fire safety and injuries. It also includes a template of a risk assessment which is available, along with the course manual, to download once you have completed the course.       CPD Points: 5

Price:   £46.80

Starting and Marketing your own Business 
Business and marketing.png

This course has been developed for beauty and holistic therapists and nail technicians who wish to start their own business whether from home, mobile or in a salon. It includes advice on starting a business as well as marketing advice. Written by leading industry experts, the course includes images and online examinations to give you the best possible learning experience.   CPD Points:  14

  • Introduction

  • Motivation

  • Planning Your Business

  • Types of Businesses

  • Buying an Existing Business

  • Business Accountancy

  • Marketing

  • Pricing

  • Product

  • Place

  • Promotion

  • Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Business Administration

  • Support For Your Business

Price:   £70.80

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