Nutrition - with Julie Griffiths


Workshop & Food Demonstrations/Taster Series

Every Thursday evening 7.00-8.30

at Alliance Therapy Centre

£10 per session  (no obligation to attend all sessions)

Call 01267 231212 to book


What's on the Menu...............

July 2nd - Raw and Sinful Chocolate - Learn how to make it in easy steps

Raw chocolate benefits the cardiovascular system

July 9th - Fats & Oils - Good and Bad. What's the latest word on the street.

A practical demonstration highlighting the importance of balancing 

Omega 3's and Omega 6's. The Western diet is too high in Omega 6.

July 16th - Which Carbs are good; Not so good?Hint: Give white foods a large detour

July 23rd - Lift Your MoodBy ditching the foods that bring you down. 

July 30th -Eat for Energy - Improve your guts and the energy will come.

August 6th - Skin Glow - Good skin starts on the inside of you. Find out how...

August 13th - Bright Eyes.  Did you know that Omega 3 makes up 30% of a well functioning retina?

August 20th - How to age ungrumpily.  Little bits of telomeres dropping off the end of our DNA is a sign of ageing. Find out how to slow that down

Aug 27th - Booze up safely.  How to curtain the side effects of a night out!

Sept 3rd - Can't think, Brain numb, Inspiration won't come.  Eat your way out of it and improve your brain.

Sept 10th - Rock-a-Bye baby. Get to sleep naturally

Sept 17th - Wake up and Smell the (culinary) herbs! Oregano can safeguard against yeast infections.  Thyme has high concentrations of 

anti-oxidants.  "Rosemary is for memory" (Shakespeare)

Sept 24th - "spice" up your life.  Improving your immune system by just eating curry.

Oct 1st - Vitamin D - It's not just for bones.  What foods have it and where in world to get it. 

Oct 8th - Got a sweet tooth? Calling all sugar addicts. Find out how to squash the urge.

Oct 15th - "I'm sooooo stressed out!" - The right food mix will support your body through those trying times


An indepth and practical approach to helping you understand how to manage your diet to improve your general wellbeing and energy. Cooking demonstrations and tasting each week. 


    Please book with Cheryll in the office at the Centre - or call 

                                                     01267 231212