MBM Training - A one day workshop

'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'- (Leonordo da Vinci)


How sophisticated is your approach to therapy?


What if there is a treatment technique that is so fundamentally simple, effective in pain reduction and client wellbeing that can be learnt in a day? And what if this technique can easily be incorporated into your current way of working; will benefit all of your clients and even improve you own health and wellbeing?


Intriqued? - Welcome to Mindful Breathing with Movement. A set of simple breathing and fundamental movement patterns that influence the parasympathetic nervous system, fascial connections and consequently the functions of the immune and endocrine systems to promote recovery, health and wellbeing. 


The MBM treatment invokes elements of meditation, body awareness, yoga pranayama breathing, acupuncture alarm points, fascial release and simple developmental movements used by infants to explore and control their internal and external environments. 


Although most of you reading this will have been taught highly effective, hands on ways of working, your clients may not be fully engaged and part of the process.  Mindfulness science started with the following experiment: patients with Psoriasis were given UV light treatment and the a 2nd group received UV light treatment whilst meditating.  The 2nd group improved four times quicker! This one day workshop will allow you to experience for yourself the benefits of integrating and incorporationg MBM therapy into your current way of working. 


Recent studies by leaders in the field of physiotherapy and pain research have concluded that one of the most important factors in successful treatment outcomes is the state of mind of the therapist.  How in sync with yourself are you when you are working?  Is your nervous system calm, still, aware and fully tuned in your client?  Mindfulness is best delivered by those who are mindful.  What you learn on MBM is not just good for your clients but also essential for your own sense of health and wellbeing. 


Stuart and Gareth will be presenting the first MBM 1 day workshop in Wales on :   


                                                         Saturday 21st February 2015 at Alliance Therapy Carmarthen

Cost:   £90 includes lunch and refreshments through out the day

£20 deposit to Gareth Davies - 149 Elkington Road, Burry Port SA16 0AB



MBM is the latest concept developed by Stuart Robinson Physical Education Teacher BEd Hons.,Physiotherapist MSc BSc (MCSP & HPC). Yoga Teacher. Founder of MBM.  Visit his website www.1-2-1yogatherapy.co.uk to find out more about the science behind MBM