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Lower Back Assessment and Treatment Workshop

On this course you will learn to assess and treat the lower back.


  • You will learn simple assessment techniques that will assist you in knowing when and how to treat a client, and when to refer.

  • You will learn assessment and soft tissue treatment of the sacroilliac joint  and how to treat the back indirectly as well as directly.










In the extensive notes you will receive in advance of course commencement, there will be a detailed revision section on 8 muscles that have a strong influence on the back.


The bulk of the practical segment of the course will involve becoming conversant with assessment and investigation of the lower back and related pain symptoms, and learning how to treat the muscles included in the notes.


The course consists of 4 hours of practical and 2 hours of pre-course learning.

The notes will be emailed before course commencement.


This course will ideally suit Sports Massage Therapists trained to or working towards level 4, and level 3 therapists are also welcome.


Date: 24th June 2017

Time: 10.30 – 3.30

Cost: £70

Location: Alliance Therapy Carmarthen, 24 King Street, Carmarthen

To Book please call Dan Ba Thein on  07472 833357

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