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Level 3 Diploma in Clinical Massage
Level 3 Diploma in Aromatherapy

next start date:  January 15/16th 2022

Students for both these courses will commence training together and then you have the option of taking the Clinical Massage route to qualification or the Aromatherapy route to qualification  - or indeed both if you wish to have both qualifications

These courses have been developed according to the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council UK) National Occupational Standards as set out by the OfQual Regulatory Bodies.   As such, you can be assured of a Diploma that you can gain recognition with as a fully qualfied Massage Therapist and gain membership of the Complementary Health Professionals and others  and Insurance will be easily obtained.  These courses are acceredited by the Complementary Health Professionals, a body that oversees the development and quality of the course both at development and on an ongoing basis, ensuring both quality and professional standardisation. 

Massage or Aromatherapy

The aims of these courses are to develop an essential knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of a range of massage techniques used within clinical treatment and the course also includes the study of Anatomy and Physiology, relevant Pathologies and revelvant common medications.  For the A&P module you will also receive a separate qualification certificate accredited by the CHP.  

The maximum number of students on a course is 6 and in this way you receive very good personal attention from the tutor meaning that your techniques are checked constantly to make sure of correctness and quality.  This is what will set you apart in the field of massage or Aromatherapy. The West Shires School prides itself for maintaining a high quality of tutoring and quality assurance and all the tutors are fully practising therapists with many years of experience.  This translates into the classroom and the training as real hands-on industry knowledge and this certainly can't be replaced by a theoretically-based tutor knowledge that isn't out there practising in the real world. 

One of our aims is that graduates feel that they are confident, know what they are doing and are ready to start work as professional therapists immediately after the course completion.  


Course Dates 

Massage and Aromatherapy

15/16th January - 


The course runs over 8 weekends that run each month and you will be required to attend for every one of the weekends to complete all the modules and assessments.  


15th / 16th January

5th/6th February

19th/20th March

2nd/3rd April

14th/15th May

11th/12th June

9th/10th July

12/13th August

Time:   9.30 - 4.30 each day

Venue:  Brynseion, Tenby Road, St Clears. There is parking onsite and full access to kitchen facilities for lunch as well as shops near by if needed

Course Application:

Please complete the Registration Form - downloaded by clicking on the button below.  You will then be invited for a short interview/chat - usually over the phone, to discuss your application.  You do not need any previous experience of massage - but a basic standard of education is needed and the ability to study independently and also time in your life to devote to practice.  There will be case studies to complete and evidence of at least 50 treatments will need to be submitted. 

Contents of Course:

Module 1 - Anatomy and Physiology, Pathologies and Common Medications  (You will receive a separate qualification certificate for this module)

Module 2 -  Professional and Practice Management and the Law for the Therapist

Module 3 -  Massage Theory

Module 4 - Clinical Massage - Theory and Practice

The course includes the following:

Anatomy & Physiology , Pathologies and Medications relevant to massage

History of massage and Benefits of Massage

Mind/body connection and holistic approach

Health and Safety/Risk assessment

Client Care and Communication skills

Treatment preparation - self/environment/professional boundaries

Consultation and Treatment planning and Record keeping

Contra-indications and areas of caution

Theory of massage - effect of massage, stages of Dis-ease and stages of healing, aftercare 

Stress Management and self-care 

Body types/body assessment 

Muscles/Joints/Range of movement/Massage techniques / Pressure techniques

Working professionally in a clinical environment 

Assessment:  there is ongoing assesment of both practical and theory in the form of written assessments and practical assessment, and you will be expected to prove yourself to be suitable for work as a massage therapist.  You will present a final portfolio of evidence. 

Final assessments are carried out to achieve competency of all modules by formal tests and Indepedent Assessment.  


Full course:  £1500

Deposit: £500

Balance : by instalments or in full. 

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