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A One Day Taster workshop in Reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology -  Saturday 1st May 2021

Cost £50

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes

in the feet and hands which correspond to every part, gland and organ of the body.

Using hands to apply pressure on these reflexes, with, or without,                                                               

the use of creams or lotions, the therapist uses reflexology to relieve tension,

improve circulation, balance energies and helps promote the natural function

of the related areas of the body.


The history of Reflexology can be traced back thousands of years to both Egyptian and Chinese culture and it is currently practiced widely all over the world.


On this one day workshop you will learn some of the Reflexology techniques and how to link them in a simple routine to perform an effective relaxation treatment. Each stage of the routine is broken down into steps which are demonstrated to you by the experienced tutor. You will then work with a partner to practice what you have just seen and then swap to receive the treatment and experience the benefits.


The training continues in this way until the full routine can be completed. You will be encouraged to make notes as you learn so that you can repeat the treatment at any time in the future.


The group sizes are deliberately kept small, usually just 4 or 6 people, so that the tutor can watch and correct where necessary. It is suited to couples, friends or family members who want to learn together so they can treat each other in the future.

Although the workshop is not a professional qualification it will give you sufficient knowledge and skills to give a short treatment and provide an ideal introduction to anyone who is thinking of signing up to do a full, professional, diploma course in Reflexology in the future.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • History of Reflexology and its place in modern day healthcare

  • How you can help someone using Reflexology

  • What massage creams to use for Reflexology

  • Foot chart and introduction to reading the feet

  • Some of the basic techniques used in Reflexology

  • How to carry out a 20 minute basic Reflexology relaxation routine

  • How the body relaxes and the mind calms during a treatment


Saturday 1st May 2021

10am – 4.30 pm

Cost : £50 

deposit: £20*

Book two places and get the two for £80 

To reserve your place(s), or if you have any questions, contact Cheryll Hodgson on 01267 231212

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