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Introduction to Astrology

10 week course for Beginners

Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astrol.S

Monday evenings - 14th May until 23rd July  - 10 weeks (excluding Monday Bank Holiday 28 May) 

This informal and enjoyable course aims to expand the Astrological knowledge of beginners (and those wtih some knowledge of astrology) by focusing on the significance of the location of the Sun, Moon and the Ascendant in the Birth Chart.  The workhop will include - alongside listening, projected information and discussion - the use of paper and crayons and simple visualisation techniques using astrological information cards. 

All participants please provide their birth details on registration so that Jaki can produce your birth chart prior to the start of the workshop:

(as accurately as possible!):

  • birthday

  • birth time (as accurate as possible although, if not known, we can work with 12 midday on the date of birth)

  • location of birth

Workshop :  £35

Deposit:  £15 at time of booking 

Booking/Registration form please click on button and download document or alternatively return to the home page for an option to pay online

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