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Introduction to Numerology

with Cheryl Hawkes
Saturday April 2nd 2022
Time  10am - 3pm
£50 - Deposit £20

Having been a student of Astrology for many years, I started looking into Numerology because I had some time!... I had been aware of it and had readings in the past - and had found them to be the most accurate of the readings I had had from various astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists etc.   I was quickly fascinated and amazed at how the knowing of your numbers makes such complete sense and is so accurate to making sense of your life, your ups and your downs, your successes and your challenges.  Here we have something that speaks to your individual energies and your links to the universe. You find out who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is and why you think and feel the way you do.  One of the most important, if not the most important thing we should all achieve is self-love.  If we can't love ourselves, how can we effectively and really love others?  How can we come to a point of happiness and satisfaction in who we are and what we have achieved in all aspects of our lives?   Further to this the understanding of numerology helps us understand those around us - once we have learnt a few basic skills - and this is so empowering for us and others in our relationships - at home, with our family, with work colleagues etc.  You only need a little bit of information and you have at your disposal the most amazing tools that will change your outlook on just about everything! 

This one day workshop will teach how to calculate your essential CORE numbers and what they mean. 

  • We will explore your birthday and your life path.

  • We will discover your Destiny, your Soul Urge and your Personality numbers.  

  • We will talk about how there are no coincidences - your individual set of codes that the numbers give you are unique to you - just like your astrology chart - no two people are the same -even if they are born on the same day.  You have your very own Blueprint - and understanding it gives you the key to your kingdom. 

  • We talk a lot about INTUITION - but worry about it or we don't trust it.  Finding out about your personal vibrational energies will help you trust and work with your intuition for evermore, as you work with yourself at soul level. 

  • We will look at how you can see how your closest relationships can be better understood.  What is the synergy between your code numbers and that of your partner, parent, child etc - Does this help you understand why it is working so well or not so well? It will! 

  • I will show you how to calculate your year and month and even day numbers and how you can see if the numbers in your life are working for or against you - what about the number of your house for instance?  

The day will be informal and fun and all you need to bring with you are a selection of dates of birth of a few people close to you and their full birth names.  If you are not good at adding up - you can use the calculator on your phone. 

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