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One Day Workshop with Maria Bowbanks

Date:  Saturday 27th February

Time:  10am to 4pm

Cost:  £50

Deposit: £20


On this one-day workshop you will learn:






In the world we live in, stress plays a high factor in a lot of people's lives and with stress can come anxiety and fear.   Choose Happy

In this one day workshop you will learn about:

MINDFULNESS -  learn how to be mindful in your everyday living, to show  yourself kindness and acceptance as each moment unfolds. and to trust your intuition to make the right decisions in your life.

RELAXATION -learn different relaxation techniques including a healing mediation to heal mind, body, spirit to release stress, anxiety and to let go of fear. 

GROUNDING - learn how to anchor in to the earth's energy, to be in the moment to feel balanced and centred. 

CLEARING - everything in life contains energy; its either positive or negative. Taking responsibility to deal with the negative energies through clearing and shutting dark doorways will benefit you as you learn to see what is happening in your body, your home and environment.  If you feel drained, are losing energy, taking on other people's emotions or giving into fear, learning how to clear energy will improve your spirit wellbeing, help you to be calm, feel energised and allows for better sleep pattern to develop. 

PROTECTION - learning how to protect yourself and your space from negative energy allows you to develop balance. 

For further information or ask any questions please call or text

Maria Bowbanks

07824 389384

To book onto this workshop please click onto this button and download the booking form and pay the £20 deposit via BACS (details on the form)     

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