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Immune System Lecture by Gareth Davies

Monday 1st October 2018 at 6pm  £10
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This is the last of the series of lectures that we have greatly enjoyed by Gareth Davies.  Hopefully he will return again with more.  To book your place for this lecture please call Cheryll on 01267 231212 or email

Immune system Workshop

The world we live in is full of bacteria. They cover every surface we come into contact with, our own skin and colonise every organ inside us. A lot of them can cause serious harm to us so how do we survive this onslaught? The answer – our Immune system.

The talk will start with an anatomical review of all the organs that contain the tissue that act as our defence mechanisms. We will explore the role of the Lymphatic system in providing us with non specific resistance and immunity to diseases, the roles of Antigens and Antibodies, the five different kinds of T-cells and B-cells, what each one does and how they are triggered into action. We will explain granular and non-granular lymphocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, phagocytes and the role of the inflammatory response of tissues to disease and injury.

Finally we will explore the role of immunology and cancer, explaining why our immune systems are ineffective against tumours then, present information on one of the latest new areas of research in the fight against cancer that uses our own defence mechanisms to destroy tumours rather that the toxic chemicals that have such a devastating effect on the healthy organs of a cancer patient.

Gareth Davies

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