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Hot Stone Reflexology - Two Day Workshop
accredited by Complementary Health Professionals    7 CPD Points   

Next dates: 13th and 14th July 2024

Assessment day:  To be arranged 

(please note that the School reserves the right to charge a further £50 if the assessment date is not attended and another date has to be arranged with the student)

Time: 10am -4pm
Cost: £200
Deposit: £80

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This Hot Stone Reflexology course is for the qualified Reflexologist and is aimed at offering a skill that can be used within the course of usual treatments or as a stand alone treatment. 


The use of warmed - or indeed cold - Basalt stones have been employed by many ancient peoples in thermal body treatments and today have become a popular adjunct to the Massage or the Reflexology treatment room. 


Within a Reflexology treatment the application of the stones helps with the circulation, conducting a gentle heat through the skin , particularly helping any congested areas. 

There is also the psychological effect of soothing and nurturing and the warmth aiding the release of tensions. 


The first day of training will include:

  • Health and Safety

  • Use of equipment and types of stones

  • History and links to other therapy modalities

  • Contraindications and Contra-Actions

  • Benefits and Consultation

  • Treatment uses and routine

  • How to prepare for a treatment 

  • Aftercare 

  • Care of stones

  • Preparation for client studies - 4 to be submitted prior to the second day of training - to include 8 treatments, (two each on four people). 


The second day of training:

Presentation / discussion on your experiences after practice on clients with Hot Stones 

Short written test paper to assess knowledge and understanding 

Observed Assessment on a client

If you have any further questions please email Cheryl Hawkes, email: particularly if you would like advice on the purchase of your own Reflexology hot stone kit - which you might like to obtain prior to attending the training.  

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