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Build your own Medicine Chest

6 week course in Herbal Remedies

Tutor:   Stuart FitzSimons MNIMH, DIP.PHYT


In this part time weekly course you will have the opportunity to learn about the ancient skills of the herbalist and herbal remedies, their history, uses and preparation within the home.


Learn how to identify, source and safely use herbs that you use herbs taht you can grow or find in the countryside to help with a range of common ailments


You will look at common ailments from each system of the body and the herbs we can use to remedy them


Lung and chest problems - coughs, infections, asthma

Bones and joints: arthritis and muscular problems

Digestive system: irritable bowel, poor digestion, food intolerances and bowel disturbances

Kidneys and Bladder: cystitis, kidney and prostate problems

Hormonal problems:  PMS, the menopause

The skin: eczema and psorasis

Immnunity and Allergies:  stimulate the immune system to fight infections



6 - 8PM





Cost :  £120 - deposit £40



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