Functional Facial Workshop for qualified Therapists
Hannah Freimanis

Date:  Saturday 25th June 2022 
Time:  9.30 - 5.30
Cost:   £120 - deposit £50

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Acupuncture Treatment
7 CPD Points

This is fast becoming one of our most successful and sought after workshops and therapists who have done this workshop are finding that it becomes one of  their most popular treatments.  If you want a place on Hannah's next workshop, please book your place well in advance.  

The treatment that this workshop will teach you  has been developed by Hannah Freimanis who has over 18 years’ experience in Complementary Health Therapies.


The Functional Facial is a treatment to help with pain, tension and blocked energy within the upper shoulders, neck, head, jaw and face.  It uses a combination of relaxation, muscle stretching, fascia releases and meridian energy release.


Hannah has created this treatment by combining her muscle knowledge, Myofascial release techniques, Indian Face massage techniques and meridian energy work.

In combining these techniques and knowledge, the treatment is encouraged to suit a fully holistic approach in helping many aspects of the upper girdle, therefore helping your clients with many pain and tension issues of the head, neck and face. 


This facial treatment can help with:


  • Tension Headaches

  • Jaw Pain / TMJ Syndrome

  • Eye Pain

  • Neck Pain and/or stiffness

  • Teeth clenching

  • Facial realignment

  • Face lifting properties





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