Foot Tapping Workshop for Reflexologists or Student Reflexologists -  an exciting new workshop


What is “foot tapping”?


“foot tapping” is a technique that can be easily incorporated into your reflexology treatments,

and significantly increases the effectiveness of reflexology and can also be used to ease emotional pain.

It has been researched and developed over several years by Peter Tomlinson MAR and Jean Allenby MAR.

This unique technique incorporates the theories of other energy therapies and utilises deep vibration

in combination with reflexology to make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of your clients.


“Foot Tapping Reflexology”(FTR) can be used in two ways:-


(1)To change the state of a disturbed reflex, usually much faster and more permanently

than conventional techniques, or used as a method to increase energy or “kick start” a

clients’ energy system. When used for this purpose it can lead to dramatic cleansing reactions.


(2)It can be used on an emotional level to relieve or reduce emotional pain.

This can be done, if required, without the therapist actually knowing what the  

emotional issue is. This is very useful for embarrassing issues. All it needs is the

clients’ co-operation in wanting to get rid of the emotional pain and following the simple treatment protocol.

For the benefit of reflexologists who are trained in EFT, this technique does not involve the use of setup statements.


Every reflexologist works differently, and we have no intention of changing the way you work. “FTR” can be incorporated easily into your treatments as and when required.


Here’s what some of our clients and other reflexologists have said about “foot tapping”.


“I’ve had reflexology many times before with different therapists, but none have had the effect that you have”.


“WOW!!” There’s reflexology and then there’s this – I can’t wait for the training”.


“I can’t believe reflexology can be so powerful. This goes to a deeper level than ordinary reflexology”.


“I’ve been working on a client with back pain for months with no success. After training in FTR, I’ve used the technique and his pain has gone in one session”.


So if you’re a qualified reflexologist or a student of reflexology and would like to learn more why not come on our workshop? 


This workshop is approved by the AoR for CPD and gives 15 points for AoR members.


DATE:        You have just missed this workshop- new dates are going to be announced shortly. Please get in

                  touch if you will be interested 



TIME:  9.30 - 4.30


VENUE:   West Shires School of Complementary Health - at Alliance Therapy Centre


COST:      £ 85      Deposit £25  - Please make cheques payable to CEHodgson


So if you’re a qualified reflexologist or a student of reflexology and would like to learn more why not come on our workshop?