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Enhance Your Energy Working Skills

This workshop will be repeated - please call us to register your interest

A one day workshop  - 10am - 5pm    Cost £70   (Deposit of £20 secures your place - max 8 places)

Tutor:  Gareth Davies


This workshop aims to show therapists how some musculo-skeletal problems can be directly attributed to the sub-conscious mind and can be treated through the energy field matrix.  It will provide an opportunity for you to understand, experience and enhance the link between your own self-awareness and the success of the your client treatments.


Building on the skills from the first workshop (A New Dimension for the Therapeutic Relationship) - you will learn how to manipulate energy flows to achieve deep relaxation in your clients and bring any emotional issues related to their problems to their conscious mind, and how they can think about them differently. 


The workshop has been designed to improve your health as a therapist, enhance your energy skills and develop new intuitive skills from these building blocks.


If you have wondered why some of your clients experience painful, physical symptoms with no obvious cause and come back week after week with recurring symptoms that do not respond to your usual treatment, then this workshop is for you. 


Course Objectives:

  • Experience the practical benefits of meditation and learning to quieten the mind

  • Develop practical skills to assess clients through their own energy fields

  • Learn how to detect and clear energy blockages in clients

  • Develop intuitive skills that will help you and the client link physical symptoms with emotional issues

  • Learn techniques that will help your clients to change their thoughts and clear the emotional blockages that cause their symptoms.  


To book this workshop please email



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