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Award in Thermal-auricular Therapy - Sunday 22nd October 2023

This qualification is offered by The Beauty Guild and involves undertaking a series of online modules to study the theory and then practical training is with us at the college in St Clears,  


What is Thermo-auricular Therapy:  Often said to be an ancient therapy this course provides you with the necessary knowledge to undertake professional use of the Ear Candle.   The treatment is a gentle and pleasant one, and helps to relieve ear, nose and throat problems and aids relaxation. Many people report that it helps with headaches, hearing problems and is often the chosen natural method of helping to balance the inner ear and the production of ear wax.

Next Course Dates:  

Sunday 22nd October 2023

10am - 5pm

Cost:  £125   Deposit payable:  £70





To reserve your place on the Ear Candling 

pay Deposit of £70

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