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BREATH - a Lecture by Gareth  Davies
Tuesday  4th September 2018
6 - 8pm 

Breath = Life

We all know WHY we breathe but did you know HOW we breathe is almost as important?
Ineffective breathing can have far reaching consequences for our health whilst correct breathing can help alleviate stress, asthma and improve your athletic ability. New breathing patterns can be taught and learned but change will take time and effort.

This lecture will start with a review of the anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system, including the importance of gas exchange in the lungs and at cellular level.
It will give practical tips and instructions on how to evaluate your own and your client's breathing patters to identify when incorrect breathing is happening.
Following this will be a simple test that will indicate how effective breathing can be measured.
Finally, you will be given details of a series of breathing exercises that can be prescribed and used to greatly enhance your breathing efficiency. Greater efficiency will benefit asthma sufferers, cancer patients recovering from the effects of chemotherapy and any athlete participating in endurance sports that involve running, swimming or cycling.
During this two hour lecture you will get to experience and practice a different way of breathing that could transform your life and that of your therapy clients.
Gareth Davies

Cost:  £10 per person

Please book by emailing Cheryll Hodgson on:

or call

01267 231212

Payment by cash/cheque at the Alliance office, or by a BACS payment to:




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