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Astrology for Beginners

Astrology- Weekend Workshops with Jaki Miles-Windmill D.F.Astol.S

Venue: Alliance Therapy Centre
Dates:  26th July 6 -9pm
               27/28th July 10am- 5pm
Cost :  £150 - deposit £50

Everyone who has attended Jaki's previous courses have loved every minute of it. Jaki makes quite a complex subject understandable using imagery and examples and, of course, astrology is so fascinating you just want to learn more and more.  The other best bit is that you get to understand your own chart - meaning that you get to understand your strengths and challenges and why things are as they are, or as they have been, and how they are likely to be and what you can do to influence this. 

Astrology is not sun charts you see in the magazines - it is a fascinating and worthwhile art and science and with Jaki's amazing guidance and wisdom you can not fail to be wowed by this course. 

 The workshop aims to familiarise beginners with the fundamental principles of astrology, including the Zodiac Signs, Planets, Elements, Qualities, Aspects, Ascendant, Midpoints, Houses and Transits - and how these can be used to interpret a birth chart.

You will be encouraged to study your own birth chart and those of some well known celebrities and historical characters in order to explore how these principles work. 

By the end of the weekend you'll aim to be able to make a basic independent analysis of birth charts

Notes and study guides will be provided - but you will need to bring a notebook, pen and envelope file to keep study work in) 

You will need to provide your birth details at registration so that  Jaki can produce your birth charts prior to the start of the course;  details needed are:

  • Birth date

  • Birth time (as accurate as possible, but if not known, it is possible to work to 12 midday on the date of birth)

  • Location of birth

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