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 Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology

and Common Medications Certificate 


Any good and worthwhile qualification in Complementary Therapy or Sports Massage will require this certificate as a pre-requisite.  


We offer the Level 3  accredited qualification to accompany all our other therapy qualifications.  


This course of study includes the following learning outcomes:


  • Learning the Organisation of the Body

  • Understanding the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the Skin, Hair and Nails, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Lymphatic System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Endocrine System, Urinary System and Reproductive System

  • Understand a range of commonly encountered Pathologies

  • Understand a range of commonly prescribed medications


  The course has recently been redeveloped and is now offered as a self study course with accompanying online tutorials by Gareth Davies. The tutorials cover each system of the body.  You will be issued with a text book and four workbooks to complete, and two paperwork exercises to complete - one on 20 pathologies and one on 20 common medications. 

The exam date will be personally negotiated with you and you will need to allow a maximum of half a day for this.  

The exam (2hrs) is carried out under exam conditions and will consist of the answering of 5 questions from a choice of 10 

Cost:   £300

- deposit £100 



All Videos

All Videos

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When you study A&P on this or one of the other courses you will be given a link to access all the videos to help you complete the workbooks. There will also be access to face to face/zoom tutorials with a college tutor if necessary

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