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Soft Tissue Release - CPD Course
by Hannah Mackie-Freimanis

Two Day Workshop   -    31st July and 1st August 

Time:   10am - 4pm approx

Venue:  Alliance Therapy Centre

Price:   £250

Deposit:   £75

Soft Tissue Release - STR - is an excellent technique for stretching and lengthening shortened muscles effectively with quick results that alleviate tension and pain.   

STR targets specific areas of tension within an individual muscle with the aim of reducing adhesions and scar tissue. 

This hands-on technique uses precise pressure combined with active and passive stretching

STR is a good stepping stone technique between general body massage and sports massage.  It is a simple and effective technique to learn - and that clients feel instant benefit from. 

What you will learn on this workshop:

  • What is soft tissue release

  • How to apply STR technique

  • How to apply specific STR stretches on 40 different muscles

  • Hands on practical with other students    -   The tutor will assess competence during the workshop prior to West Shires School certificate of competence. 

Please download and complete the Registration Form and email it to

Payment details are to be found on the Registration Form. 

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